Without great friends, there's no way I could have put this together.

I would like to give special thanks to my homies back at the BG of SU: Jeff, who was the first person to tell me that this would be a really good idea; Uriah, who is the world's most lenient White Wolf Storyteller and who actually let me play-test this system in a White Wolf game; and Cory, who—what can I say—brought all the Beast Wars, addicting me for life. Thanks to Dave for providing the Beast Wars font, which I use so liberally throughout the site. Thanks out to the Secrets of Cybertron troupe: anyone who played, anyone who stayed, and even anyone who one-shotted and went on their merry way. Thanks to Brian for being my best critic and pointing out that I needed to update the Thanks Page. Thanks to Lacy and Kevin and other hyper-enthusiatic SoC players who gave me files! Also, thanks to anyone I quoted up-top, and all the other boyz in the Gaming Society, who are willing to hang out with me, unlike most of the people in my high school.

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Special thanks to my sister Maggie, who kept me in perspective by telling me what an idiot I was throughout this process and how much time I was wasting (but, note, read this document like it was the Covenant of Primus). Thanks to the folks from the Beast Wars Play-By-Mail RPG who inadvertedly provided me with about a ton of ideas for this (special thanks to TYP0Demon, who got me involved in the first place, and Adestroyah for all his cool spider stuff). Thanks to the Just For Writers on-line society for humoring me during this phase (special thanks to RapunzelK for liking Beast Wars, too). Thanks to the folks from the Play-By-Board on Yahoo for voting me Tarantulas Diva and not caring that I'm such a character Nazi. Thanks to the Land of Poisoned Skies international crew for allowing my control-freak GMing. And I guess I should also thank my parents, just because, though I was actually planning on saving that for my first novel. Special thanks to Ben & Jerry for providing the ice cream I ate only minutes before typing up the Special Thanks section. I'm a softie for Phish Food.

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