Transformers: Beast Wars, an RPG for the White Wolf system

Welcome to the Transformers: The Beast Wars White Wolf adaptation!

What you won't find here:

  1. Specific information about the Beast Wars or Transformers television series or toy lines,
  2. Information on Werewolf, Vampire, Mage, Wraith, Changeling, or the basics of White Wolf.

What you will find is complete information on a combination of the two.

The Transformers: The Beast Wars RPG is intended for White Wolf players looking to add a new race to their games. It is also intended for fans of Beast Wars or the original Transformers series who are looking for a good system to roleplay their own adventures, with the usual cast of characters, or characters of their own creation.

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Transformers: The Beast Wars


Table of Contents

Chapter One
War Dawn: The Origins of the Game

Chapter Two
Fight or Flee: Life on Cybertron

Chapter Three
Call of the Wild: Creating a Character

Chapter Four
The Trigger: Battle and Weapons Systems

Chapter Five
Cutting Edge: Mechanical Abilities

Chapter Six
Webworld: Society and Learning

Chapter Seven
Proving Grounds: Storytelling

Chapter Eight
Beast Wars: The Television Series

Chapter Nine
Starscream's Brigade: Frequently Whined Questions

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